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Globus Bank

Globus Bank
E-mail: info@globusbank.com.ua
Phone: +38 044 392 00 00
Website: https://globusbank.com.ua/

Globus Bank CB LLC

GLOBUS BANK has been active on the Ukrainian market since 2007. The Bank is developing dynamically and has a high credit rating. GLOBUS BANK is the country's leader in mortgage lending on the primary market, it is is actively working with car loans, SME, card products, energy efficiency, the currency market, etc. The Bank's regional network includes 30 branches. GLOBUS adheres to principles of openness and transparency. The Bank owes its success to several factors: a professional team, a properly selected development strategy, customer trust, reliable partners and high-quality service.

The banking services GLOBUS BANK offers to individuals and corporate Clients are designed to meet their financial needs and interests in full. At GLOBUS BANK, our Client can choose any banking service and be absolutely sure of its high quality: from universal services and cash services, various deposit programs, consumer loans, mortgages and car loans to opening current accounts and servicing them. After using the products and services of GLOBUS BANK once, a Client immediately becomes our loyal partner for many years to come and knows that we are always there for him.