What is compliance?

Compliance (meaning “accordance,” ”conformity”) is an internal control system allowing to manage compliance risks: bringing companies and top management to justice. It is an act of adhering to internal or external requirements or regulations.

How to become a UNIC member?

Firstly, you should fill out the questionnaire. For your convenience, we have already prepared online versions of the questionnaire in Ukranian or English. In case of corporate restrictions on using online forms you can use a Word or a PDF version clicking here.

Secondly, all Network candidate members will be verified by an external expert based on open data screening for the recent 2-year period. You can find the report sample link. Should any risk be identified, we will notify you and negotiate further actions.

How long does it take to fill out the questionnaire?

It takes about 20-30 minutes. Please note that answers to certain questions may require going through internal procedures you should take care of in advance. 

Will company’s responses in the questionnaire become public?

No, only UNIC’s Secretariat will have access to this information.

What are the members’ obligations?

The members commit themselves to improving their level of business integrity or take steps towards its implementation. In two years, the member will report on the results achieved. If the company/association fails to fulfill the commitments or raises any reputational suspicions, membership will be revoked. 

Should I pay for the membership?

Yes, Membership is not free. When filling out the questionnaire, a company/association specifies the number of employees and annual revenue. Membership fees will be based on these criteria. At present, there are six fee categories. They range from 300 to 3000 EUR.

Can an individual entreprenuer become a member?

Yes, he/she can join the Network.

Can a state owned company become a member?

There is no such option at this stage. The initiative aims at creating the community of private business working ehically in Ukraine. Later on, this option will be reviewed.

Will a company’s progress in terms of compliance implementation be public?

No. By signing the memorandum, each member accepts the obligation to improving and supporting integrity level and compliance culture. The information provided in the questionnaire as well as each company’s/association’s compliance and business integrity level assessment data remain between a member and governing bodies of the Network for further improvement in accordance with obligations taken by the Network member.

May my membership be revoked?

Yes, a company/association, which does not observe terms and conditions of memorandum, will be expelled from the Network.

Here are several reasons:

  • a member committed to improving a level of compliance, but showed zero progress based on annual verification results;
  • a member committed to building a compliance system but in fact didn’t manage to implement even basic conditions;
  • a member committed to integrity and ethical standards of doing business raises reputational suspicions instead.
If a potential member does not currently have all the procedures provided for by the questionnaire, can it join the Network? 

Yes, since one of the Network’s key objectives is to provide companies with basic tools and procedures for implementation of policies and compliance systems in case of their absence.

If a company is not the Network’s member, can it attend UNIC’s educational events?

The Networks organizes open and closed educational events. All companies are invited to participate in open educational events, however some events are held only for Network members.

If in the past a company had some faults in doing business, but is now striving to improve the integrity culture, is there a chance for it to become a member of UNIC?

Yes, provided a company implements basic compliance standards in its day-to-day activities and improves its level of integrity.

Is it feasible for regional companies to join UNIC?

The initiative is nationwide and aims at bringing together businesses showcasing integrity in Ukraine regardless of size and region. Educational events will also be held in the regions.

UNIC Logo usage

UNIC member companies that successfully passed Certification procedure can use UNIC Logo for their marketing purposes. Other UNIC member companies can place Membership Certificate on their website.