Partnership terms

Partnership with state authorities, international and non-governmental organizations

Partners must go through a rigorous evaluation process before being voted on and confirmed by the UNIC Executive Committee.
UNIC Partners do not become members and not required to pay a fee. Partnership conditions will enter into a written memorandum on partnership for defined activities/project.
Steps of application process:
1. Filling in the self-assessment questionnaire;
2. Successful passing of the open data verification for the last 2 years;
3. Review of the application and approval by the Executive Committee;
4. Signing the Memorandum on partnership.
A partner could be expelled from UNIC partnership if a partner failed to pass the mentioned step.
Partnership criteria:
1. Ensure partner history of organization establishment, stable and diversified funding sources
2. Have proper accounting and disclosure of its own operations and proper governing mechanisms
3. Sufficient capacity, technical expertise and strong leadership
4. Support and advocate UNIC ethical standards and conduct activity accordingly
5. Share and promote UNIC values within their members and staff
6. Support public awareness / media campaign about the business integrity and compliance

To become UNIC Partner, please fill in the questionnaire, send it to and we will review your application.

Please contact the UNIC Secretariat for more information and to see if you qualify to become a partner.