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E-mail: info@octava.ua
Phone: +380 (44) 58-56-000
Website: https://octavacapital.ua/


Oktava Capital is a whole Ukrainian company, which is active in diversification in the industrial sectors of the economy. Key interests in the field of IT: distribution, cryptography, system integration, services. In addition, the corporate portfolio also includes companies that work in the field of consulting, management of nerves, business tourism and others.

Octava Capital is represented on the Ukrainian market by companies including: Avtor, Octava Cyber ​​Defense, Megatrade, Accord Group, Compass FM, Travel Center TRIME, MegaPlant, Nota Group and іnsh. Also, in 2000, the share was established by the telecommunication company Datagroup. Within an hour Datagroup became one of the leaders in the market of telecom operators in Ukraine. The dynamic capitalization of the company allowed the successful sale of this part of the company, which was lost from the status of a minority shareholder.

The company Oktava Capital has a corporate asset management system through committees. Kozhen from the committees will establish a single standard, methodology and practice in his hallway, a visitor function of an advisory body and a general coordination of the system and management of the portfolio of assets in the whole, as well as the skin business for the whole.