12 november, 2020

November 19, 11:00 - 12:30

Frank discussion with CEOs of Ukrainian and international businesses on typical compliance risks of Ukrainian business. Based on practical experience from auditing companies.

The event is free of charge and will take place online in ZOOM. The prior registration is required:

The imperfection of the compliance system could expose the company to significant dangers. What aspects of the company's activities deserve special attention from the compliance specialist? How to prevent financial and reputational losses for business? The webinar is based on the compliance audits analysis and practical experience of local and international companies operating in Ukraine. Join the discussion with one of the leading law firms in Ukraine - Arzinger, member of the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance to learn more.

The practical cases that will be covered during the webinar will help CEO and owners of companies, Head of compliance and legal departments, compliance officers to identify the main risk areas for their own companies and avoid mistakes in the future.


  • Lana Sinichkina, Partner Arzinger, Member of the UNIC Executive Committee
  • Nina Dombrovska, President of Henkel Ukraine General Manager / Director of Cosmetics Henkel Ukraine
  • Artem Lukashev, CEO Mirta

Lana Sinichkina has over 15 years of experience in the legal business. Among the results of its public anti-corruption activities: development of amendments to Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation to bring it in line with European standards, promotion of anti-corruption reforms in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food industry, price regulation, antitrust law and clinical trials, and also promoting the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčregulating lobbying. Lana and the team of lawyers under her supervision, have extensive experience in conducting anti-corruption audits, developing and implementing compliance programs, and conducting anti-corruption investigations.

Nina Dombrovska has been working for Henkel Ukraine LLC since 2007. During this period, she held the positions of head of sales of the "Cosmetics" division, as well as head of the marketing department of the "Cosmetics" division. Since 2013, Nina Dombrovska has been the Director of the Cosmetics Division of Henkel Ukraine LLC. Prior to joining the company, she worked as a Brand Manager at Unilever Ukraine (1998–2001) and as a Group Brand Manager at Nestle Ukraine (2001–2007). She is a graduate of the Kyiv Economic Institute of Management (specialty "International Relations"), and has an additional qualification in the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Artem Lukashev is the founder and co-owner of the MIRTA Group, that includes the MIRTA home appliances brand, the logistics company Mirta Logistic, the company Mirta Consulting, which specializes in building financial and management accounting in enterprises, and the educational company Mirta Education. 10 years in Ukraine. The business also operates in the market of Kazakhstan. Products are manufactured in 43 factories in 5 countries: Germany, Georgia, Turkey, South Korea and China. Artem also is a co-owner of the GL Homewear children's clothing brand and a member of the CEO-club.

UNIC Business Integrity Month

The Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC) presents a series of events that will demonstrate that a clear way of doing business is the key to the hearts and wallets of partners, clients and investors, as well as one of the basic elements in the successful business set up. The company's reputation is not an empty slogan, but a valuable asset that makes real money. The success of the country and the future of next generations begins with simple day-to-day actions that often do not require additional financial inputs.