A vacant member position in the UNIC Executive Committee

15 march, 2019

Dear UNIC members,

Please be informed that there is a vacant member position in the UNIC Executive Committee.

We would like to invite you to submit recommendations on possible candidates to the Executive Committee members in accordance with the procedure as described in the Memorandum: at least 5% of voting support of the UNIC members should be provided which stands for the votes of at least 3 current UNIC members.

A new member of the UNIC Executive Committee will be selected during the voting session of the Annual General Meeting of the UNIC Members on 18 April 2019.

In case of your interest please send a CV of a candidate to info@unic.org.ua or contact the Secretariat at +38 044 237 74 53 no later than by end of the day 31 March 2019, Sunday.