Olivia Allison about business trust, KPMG Review Magazine, 2/2018

22 december, 2018

We would like to share with you an interesting and handy material of KPMG Ukraine, a member of UNIC. 

Olivia Allison, Partner, Head of Risk Management at KPMG Ukraine, as well as a member of the UNIC Executive Committee, shares her view on trust in business relations in the issue 2/2018 of the KPMG Review Magazine.

The article covers the following questions:

  • Why do businesses lose investors’ trust? 
  • Corporate governance and transparency as the basis of trust
  • Trust as an instrument to attracting best employees and clients
  • How to examine whether you are trusted?

Full article is available at the link (in Ukrainian): https://bit.ly/2V1tuzq