December 9 is the International Anti-Corruption Day

09 december, 2022

December 9 is International Anti-Corruption Day, which is celebrated annually at the initiative of the United Nations.

The UNIC constantly contributes to corruption eradication from all spheres of our country's life, which is especially relevant in the conditions complicated by the war. We spoke with the Network’s members and partners, who, during wartime, combined their anti-corruption work with charitable activities, supporting the population and protecting Ukraine on the battlefield. Please follow our series of comments with the key inside, how their anti-corruption activities changed with the advent of the war.

Today we would like to tell you about Irina Prikhodko, Compliance Officer of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

 According to Iryna, corruption is, unfortunately, a reality in Ukraine. "It was precisely for the fight against corruption that I chose this job at the time. But I realized a long time ago that the problem is not that there is some supernatural level of corruption in the country, but that corruption has spread to all areas of our life due to weak institutions in the country and the absence of justice. I believe that corruption during wartime is worse than looting. This is the most dangerous enemy that shakes the country from the inside. While the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel attacks and liberate lands, the State Security Service of Ukraine looks for saboteurs and collaborators, volunteers close humanitarian and defense issues that the state does not have time to complete, and everyone works as one unit for our Victory.

Nowadays, the issue of corruption is very acute because stealing in a warring country with limited resources is beyond comprehension. Lobbying of individual manufacturers and suppliers, various tender schemes, and purchasing something more expensive than it can be purchased. And everything is covered at the level of the Ministry of Defense and military missions. In addition, it negatively affects the quality of equipment of our fighters because, for the same money, you can buy something else. Back in 2014, when the war for independence came to our country, I felt how the sense of justice intensified. Since then, I have invested much of my time in volunteering and helping our military. On February 24, the issue of an effective combination of personal time and social life became critical.

 Today, like most Ukrainians, I combine work with volunteering for the sake of our Victory. Immediately after the start of the full-scale invasion, we created the Aid Foundation "Nowadays of Ukraine," thanks to which we can provide aid even more effectively where it is most needed. This is my principled position: today, every Ukrainian must do everything that depends on them, so our country survives this terrible time and becomes stronger. No matter what you do, no matter where you are - everyone can invest a part of themselves, their resources, talents, and time in a common big goal. This also includes the conscientious performance of one's work.