Business Integrity Month Opening

08 october, 2021

Colleagues, Friends, Readers,

we are starting the traditional annual discussion about compliance, best compliance practices in Ukraine, anti-corruption mechanisms and generally about a healthy business norm, how to build it.

We will bring together leaders of leading enterprises and world experts to discuss and provide tools to make your company strong, attract investment and get your business to the global market.

On October 19, we invite you to the opening of the Month, starting with a discussion of TOP CEOs on the topic of Future Business Ethics .

The compliance highlight of the day will be the presentation of a professional training program - the Business Integrity Academy (UNIC Academy). We will demonstrate the main areas of work, introduce the courses’ curators and announce the dates of the upcoming trainings.

In the evening, in a friendly atmosphere of UNIC participants, we will tell all our funny compliance jokes and stories from real life.

Looking forward to meeting you,

UNIC Secretariat