10 steps to pass Certification

The Certification Procedure includes the following stages:


If you, a UNIC Member, are willing to pass the Certification please complete an application form and send us a Letter of Intent to Pass Certification.



Complete a self-assessment questionnaire on the UNIC website1. This will help you understand whether your level of compliance and business integrity is sufficient to pass the Certification. While completing the questionnaire, it is recommended to compare the current status of compliance with the requirements stated in the Methodology.

Complete a self-assessment questionnaire


We invite you to contact us for additional recommendations2 in case of any doubts relating to the sufficiency of procedures and policies needed to pass the Certification. Such cooperation of a UNIC Member and the UNIC Secretariat will provide for improvement of internal procedures and preparation for the Certification.


Choose an independent expert according to the size of a business from the list on the UNIC website and agree on the substantial terms of a contract to conduct an assessment. We invite you to contact us for a more detailed discussion.

Independent experts


This step is very important as at this stage, at an interview and discussing the actions to eliminate inconsistencies you cooperate with an expert via the document exchange to prove the level of compliance. The expert develops a report and assesses the level of compliance according to the Methodology based on the results of the cooperation. Please deliver the report to us no later than 30 days as of the assessment completion.

Open Data Screening

This will be conducted to check upon your company’s mentions in the media and to make sure that no other risks are detected. We will certainly get back to you to clarify the situation in case of any risks3.

Certificate’s Award

We provide the Executive Committee with the report during the 30-day period as of its submission date to us for a preliminary review and the Certificate award.

Owner’s Permission

The trademark owner gives the consent to the right to use the UNIC Logo and Name .


The Executive Committee makes a final decision on the Certification results. You have the right to be present during the Executive Committee’s consideration of the Certification results.

License Agreement

You are invited to enter into a license agreement with the Trademark Owner according to the UNIC Policy on Use of Business Integrity Logo 5 along with receiving the Certificate.

License Agreement

Your company has confirmed the high level of compliance and business integrity.
  • The next step is possible if a previous obligatory step is successfully passed. Granting the Certificate to an applicant is subject to passing all obligatory steps.
  • Overall the Certification duration cannot exceed 6 months as of an application date.
  • We will inform you about the Certification results in writing and will provide an invitation to the Certification award.
  • A certificate is granted for 3 years.
  • 1
    An obligatory step – more than 3 months have passed since a preliminary self-assessment.
  • 2
    An obligatory step – additional recommendations are required to improve the level of compliance prior to Certification.
  • 3
    An obligatory step – more than 3 months have passed since an open data screening.
  • 4
    The Executive Committee conducts regular – quarterly – and extraordinary meetings – any time upon the initiative of 1/3 of the UNIC Members or 1/2 of the Executive Committee or the UNIC Secretariat.
  • 5
    An obligatory step – the UNIC Logo and Name will be used to mark goods and services.