is based on the independent assessment of the level of compliance and integrity, anti-corruption policy of a UNIC member. It is conducted by an independent expert in accordance with the Certification of Compliance and Business Integrity Level of UNIC Member procedure.
Certification is performed
in accordance with UNIC Standard
Based on ISO 37001:2016 Standard “Anti-bribery management systems”
Key steps to Certification
Joining the Network
Self-assessment of the level of compliance by a member — confirms membership in UNIC
High-level compliance independent assessment by independent experts — confirms the right to use UNIC Logo
Confirms that a UNIC member
as of a Certification date
  • has defined compliance risks
  • has developed a procedure / policy to prevent corruption
  • has implemented a procedure / policy to prevent corruption
  • uses a procedure / policy to prevent corruption as operational guidelines and principles
Does not guarantee that a UNIC member

was not and will not be suspended in corruption in the future
Is not

an investigation of a UNIC member’s non-compliant behavior
Stages of Certification
Selection of independent experts
Preparation for Certification
Independent assessment
Certification decision-making
Benefits of Certification
Right to use the logo to mark goods, work, services (on a package or label); in media (marketing materials, website)
Recognition by other market
players with a high level of business integrity and compliance
Increased level of trust by subcontractors, investors, creditors
Terms of assessment
From 2 months
to 6 months
Small structures
Large structures
Cost of assessment
depends on time spent by the project team of an independent expert, as well as on the size, structure, organization and industry sector of a company, subject to the assessment.